The Wager by Kerry Casey

SKU: 9780976976561

A multimillion-dollar match between a
greenskeeper and a prima donna tour player.
Max Hanson had the dream job. As a golf commentator, he traveled to
the world’s most breathtaking courses, covering golfers he once played
against on tour. Then, mysteriously, he was fired from the job he loved.
Now a greenskeeper at a course hosting an LPGA tournament, Max meets Zoey
Williams, the second-ranked women’s player. Zoey tells Max the real reason he was
fired: his innocent on-air critique of Tye Walker, an aging prima donna tour player.
Max, incensed—and more than a little drunk—exposes Tye on
social media as a horrible person (and putter). Things escalate. Their
Twitter war goes viral, turning into a $15 million match play wager.
Certainly, Max has no chance of winning. Until he becomes
involved with Zoey, who agrees to coach him.
Max has all of his money and even more of his heart on the line.

Price: $20.00