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Paddling to Winter Julie Buckles

Paddling to Winter

Julie Buckles

A Couple's Wilderness Journey from Lake Superior to the Canadian North


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Staff Pick

  • $17.00
    reviewed by Dave C.

    This book covers an amazing variety of fascinating historic, geographic, and scientific topics in only 250 pages. The author’s purpose is to explore what would happen if people suddenly vanished from the earth, something he thinks is pretty unlikely, but which poses a lot of interesting questions. He looks at what might happen to animals, plants, buildings, roads, bridges, and evaluates what the long and short-term effects of mankind would be on the planet. Along the way he describes how the earth and it’s inhabitants developed and how things got the way they are, covering many of the same topics described by Jared Diamond in his books “Guns, Germs, and Steel”, and “Collapse”. However, I found this book to be much more readable, probably due to the author’s journalistic style of writing.

    I don’t think I discovered any great new truths from this book, but I certainly enjoyed learning about unusual places and things such as:
    − the abandoned beach resort town in Cyprus which has remained empty since the island was partitioned in 1974;
    − how the Korean DMZ has become a refuge for endangered species of wildlife;
    − vast ancient underground cities in Turkey;
    and a lot more. I’m certain I did gain a new appreciation for the complexity of relationships between man and the natural world. But mostly I was really entertained!

    I definitely recommend this book.

Redbery for Kids

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New Book From a Local Author

  • $29.99
    A power struggle between a leftist anti-USA president, bent on changing his country's democracy into a dictatorship, and a pro-USA military officer who risks everything to preserve the democratic system.

    Fast moving action, conspiracy, intrigue and closely drawn characters - people you will get to know and like, and some you will not like at all. If you are interested in politics, military organization and tactics, and want a glimpse of Central America as it has been and maybe still is, this book is for you. It is fiction, but it is also real.

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