Just How Many Books Are There About Theodore Roosevelt?

  • Posted on: 16 December 2011
  • By: TedG

With our group reading Wilderness Warrior over this last month, I suddenly was noticing books about Theodore Roosevelt everywhere I looked. So I did a search to see just how many there are, and I found 21 novels (I didn’t include kids books or “factoid” collections) written about or by the former President between 1982 and 2011. Theodore Roosevelt himself had seven books (one was a two-in-one compilation) re-released between 1983 and 2010.

Of course, the one chosen by the MBG, Wilderness Warrior, is the largest of them all (we are book warriors). Weighing in at 960 pages, it beats the next biggest book – T.R.: The Last Romantic by H.W. Brandsby (1998) – by 32 pages. All 21 books combined have 11,331 pages, with an average length of 539 pages. The other book our group read about Roosevelt – Candice Millard’s River of Doubt (April 2010) – is a little less than half the length of Wilderness Warrior (432 pages). Roosevelt’s own account of the trip detailed in Millard’s book – Through the Brazilian Wilderness – is even shorter (214 pages). 

So many books, so little time.