grandreads Testimonials


Testimonials from customers

"[grandchild] is in the top 10 for Kindergarten in the 2010 regional PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest. There were 5,112 entries in the contest from 40 area schools + independents participating.  Needless to say we are soooooo proud:-)  I can't help but think Grandreads had something to do with this honor. You might want to spread the word." - one proud grandparent

"Thanks so much for the thoughtful update and all the effort you must put into selecting the books. I have already heard from the kids ... that they really enjoy the selections. This is a great service and makes me look good every time the books arrive. Makes grandparenting much easier." - six children enrolled

"Thanks for this service.  I wish I was a kid so I could have all these great books sent to me.  They call me whenever the books arrive to tell me." - grandpa from Massachusetts with four grandchildren enrolled

"We love this service!  You have introduced Johnny and his parents to wonderful books they never would have known about without you.  It's harder to develop a love of reading in this media age, yet I know it's as important as ever.  You're contributing to my grandson's development in a meaningful way." - former principal

"Thanks for the update.  The kids love getting their books.  They are buried in snow up in Maine and the books offer a valued diversion."

"Can there be any better gift for a child than a wonderful book selected just for them by a knowlegeable lover of children's books?  The only thing better I can think of is receiving just such a book at regular intervals throughout the year.  A GrandReads subscription is my favorite gift to the children in my life." - Cindy from California with a great-neice and great-nephew enrolled

From an expert

"What a grand idea!  And the best part of it is that each book that's sent will be carefully chosen to match a child's tastes, age, and interests." - Nancy Pearl, author