Grandreads Enrollment

To enroll in the grandreads program, select either the board books program or the picture books/chapter books program below.  Board books are appropriate for children up to three years of age.  Picture books are appropriate for children of all ages.  Chapter books are appropriate for independent readers or for family read alouds.

Books will be shipped to the child in each of the months indicated by your selection, either six or twelve months per year.  The total cost of the program reflects the value of books received plus a small amount for individualized selection, gift wrapping, shipping and communication regarding the books that are sent.

Have more than one child to enroll?  No problem.  Just add either the board book program or the picture book program to your cart for child enrolled.

The service may be canceled at any time with 30 days notice. 

Provide the child with the enrichment of quality, individually selected books, encourage the enjoyment of reading and keep in touch with the child wherever you may go.

Enroll in the grandreads board book program (children aged up to three years), average $13.25 per month

Enroll in the grandreads picture book or chapter book program (children aged three years and older),  average $22.00 per month