Grandreads Picture/Chapter Books

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Enroll a child in the grandreads program for picture books or chapter books.  Picture books are appropriate for children of all ages.  Chapter books are appropriate for independent readers or family read alouds.

Select monthly or bi-monthly for books to be delivered in each of twelve or six months per year, respectively. 

Fill in the requested information about the child and the child's parent(s) below.  This is the shipping address for the books to be delivered.  Use the "shipping address" in checkout for your contact address.  Each book is individually selected for each child.  Information specific to this child can help us make this gift special for this individual child. This information will be held in confidence.

Enroll now at a cost of about $22.00 per occurence (monthly, bi-monthly) with each book individually, personally selected for your child (also includes gift wrapping, shipping & handling and the personalized email to giver). Recurring charge.  Cancel anytime.

Frequency Options:
Monthly (twelve occurrences per year)
Bi-Monthly (six occurrences per year)

Price: $22.00 per occurrence
Price: $22.00
Choose the frequency of book delivery.
Appropriate for independent readers
Name of the child recipient.
Is the child a boy or a girl?
The year the child recipient was born.
The month and day of the birth of the child recipient.
The U.S. mail street shipping address for the child recipient.
The city of the child's shipping address.
The state of the child's shipping address.
The zip code of the child's shipping address.
The name of the child's parent(s) at the shipping address.
The email address of the parent(s) of the child at the shipping address.
Name to appear on the gift card from whom the gift is made.
Name some of the child's favorite activities (optional)
e.g., a special blanket / teddy bear (optional)
e.g., freckles, red hair
What are the child's fears (optional)
e.g., spunky, serious, shy (optional)
Is there anything else that can help us specialize the gift for this child? (optional)
Does the child have any pets? (optional)
Did anyone refer you to grandreads?
Is this enrollment a new enrollment or a renewal?
Special talents of the child (optional)