The Chemistry Of Sakè Brewing (Paperback)

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A detailed analysis of the processes and chemical reactions involved in the Brewing of Sake wine from rice. With illustrations of brewing machines, sake cells undergoing reactions and mathematical charts. This book written in 1881 by R.W. Atkinson of the University of Tokyo constitutes the best English language source of Sake brewing knowledge on the web. Although this book is over 100 years old, the science and processes of brewing haven't change that much. A great read and an indispensable part of any sake library. Contents: PREFACE INTRODUCTION PART I: KOJI Chapter 1. Rice Chapter 2. Preparation of Koji Chapter 3. Active Properties Chapter 4. Action of Koji Extract Upon Some Carbohydrates Chapter 5. Action of Koji Extract Upon Gelatinized Starch PART II: SAKE BREWING Chapter 6. Preparation of Moto Chapter 7. The Principal Process Chapter 8. Fermentation of the Mash Chapter 9. Filtration of Sake and Yield of Alcohol Chapter 10. Preservation of Sake Chapter 11. Shochu and Mirin.
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