Blind Site (Hardcover)

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Distance Is Now a Thing of the Past.

That's what investigator Michaels is learning as he uncovers a series of brutal murders committed by what the media is calling the God's Breath Killer-a mysterious entity that leaves no clues, no logical explanation... and no witnesses.

Until a young woman crosses paths with this killer.

Meet Caitlyn Grey: twenty-six, agoraphobic, and blind. She travels the world without leaving home. Caitlyn can blink-sending her mind across earth. It's a skill she's kept hidden, one she shares with this killer.

To the police, it's the impossible: How could a blind woman see a crime that didn't leave prints? But to Michaels it's just the break his investigation needs. He's uncovered a pattern among the dead-a connection to a Cold War experiment that weaponized the mind.

Now, Caitlyn and Michaels must team up to track down an evil formed by cruel science-an adversary that can bend perception. Both an unrelenting thriller and a tale of sci-fi-horror, Blind Site is a novel of identity and vengeance, a twisted hunt into fractured consciousness itself.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781956050011
ISBN-10: 1956050019
Publisher: Greywood Bay, LLC
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2021
Pages: 446
Language: English