Break Bone Fever (Paperback)

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"What a timely murder mystery " -Marsha K. Kohn, J.D.

Facing a coming epidemic of dengue fever, Louise and Marnie try to discover the truth behind their friend's murder, but can they solve it before it's too late?

When Dr. Gennifer Drake's body washes up on a foggy beach on Galveston Island, Texas, Dr. Louise Finnerty, an emergency medicine physician, and Dr. Marnie Liccione, a recently widowed pediatrician, are shocked by their friend's death. As they delve into the murder investigation, they discover Gen had been researching a deadly new form of dengue fever at the ultra-high security Gulf National Laboratory. Aided by climate change, this mosquito borne illness, known as Break Bone Fever, is spreading northward and threatening the United States.

Marnie and Louise are determined to uncover the root cause of Gen's murder and whether or not Gen's transgender status was a factor. With the help of a journalist and an unconventional police detective, they learn the murder may be connected to Q-Anon conspiracists. Untangling the web of lies being propagated by a cabal inside the Environmental Protection Agency, they confront a fight not just for justice, but for their lives.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781951375485
ISBN-10: 1951375483
Publisher: Written Dreams Publishing
Publication Date: July 30th, 2021
Pages: 260
Language: English