The Happy Camper: An Essential Guide to Life Outdoors (Paperback)

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Praise for the first edition:
A great all-around guide by a top camping expert for campers of any skill level. Lots of color photos and accessible tips ... recommend it as well as its sequel, wilderness Pleasures.
-- Library Journal

Comprehensive, easy-to-read introduction to camping skills... displays the assurance and economy of a true woodsman, and applies humor as well.
-- San Francisco Chronicle

Its subtitle... is absolutely accurate.... This is a 'must' purchase for every Scout troop's and Venturer company's resource library.
-- The Leader (Scouts Canada)

The Happy Camper is the essential guide to the great outdoors. Every page is packed with information on how to enjoy camping as the adventure it can be rather than a bug-infested endurance test. Kevin Callan, one of North America's top canoeing and outdoors experts, explains how to get the most from a camping trip no matter the location, the weather and the company.

Kevin Callan has an enthusiasm for wilderness camping that experienced campers can relate to and novice campers will find contagious. In The Happy Camper he combines decades of wilderness experience with his trademark humor to create a comprehensive, heavily illustrated and highly entertaining compendium of basic wilderness instruction and campsite advice.

The book shows step by step:

  • How to plan a trip for a day or even a few weeks
  • How to pack only what is needed
  • How to beat the bugs, stake a tent, build a fire, ward off unwanted wildlife, paddle a canoe and much more.

Other crucial topics include:

  • Choosing the perfect campsite
  • Using maps and compasses
  • Camp cooking
  • Camping with dogs and kids
  • Bruises, blisters and Band-Aids
  • Canoe and kayak camping
  • Wilderness photography
  • Cold-weather camping.

Kevin Callan is his own camping school and The Happy Camper is the textbook. It's essential to planning a camping trip and a must for the backpack.

About the Author

Kevin Callan is the author of eight books, including the A Paddler's Guide series and Wilderness Adventures. He is a recipient of the National Magazine Award and a regularly featured speaker at North America's largest paddling events.
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ISBN: 9781770850323
ISBN-10: 1770850325
Publisher: Boston Mills Press
Publication Date: February 9th, 2012
Pages: 320
Language: English