Humpty Dumpty: After the Fall: Introducing the Go Figure Kids (Hardcover)

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Live happily ever after. Get cracking with this great yet succinct book starring Humpty Dumpty, that good ol' English egg of yore that we loved as kids and still do. Did you have a great fall like Humpty Dumpty? We don't plan to have a fall or a great fall but it can happen when we least expect it. We can feel pummeled by life frequently throwing obstacles in our face and we get overwhelmed, drained, and even out of control. We swallow and shove it down inside us. Relive the story of Humpty Dumpty and journey with the steps featured inside to put Humpty Dumpty and yourself back together again. With The Go Figure Kids the writing is on the wall - your wall of choice. In Humpty Dumpty: After the Fall, you will see how to reach your highest level of empowerment, inner courage, and be phenomenal through the small, focused steps defined within for you to live happily ever after.

Thanks to Humpty Dumpty, included in Juvenile Amusements by Samuel Arnold in 1797, and E. Roger Muir, creator and producer of Howdy Doody - American children's television.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781452521510
ISBN-10: 1452521514
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2014
Pages: 118
Language: English