Seven Word Switches to Happiness, Love, and Peace: Loving Myself With the Abundance That Overflows to Enrich the World (Paperback)

Seven Word Switches to Happiness, Love, and Peace: Loving Myself With the Abundance That Overflows to Enrich the World Cover Image
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So frequently is it pointed out that the human race has acquired the means of its own destruction that the shocking fact no longer shocks us. Everyone has heard it but no one takes is seriously. ... Senator J. William Fulbright SEVEN WORD SWITCHES is better heard as a red alert wake-up call than read as a book. Our loved ones are about to have their precious lives prematurely ended by the deliberate push of a button, human misjudgment, or mechanical error. Einstein, our most informed scientists, credible futurists, governments, peace groups, the United Nations Committee on Nuclear Weapons, the Physicians for Social Responsibility, the daily news, and common sense among others warn us that weapons with ultimate destructive power (WUD) will be unleashed within the near future. Yet, we remain in a stupor lacking common sense plan to prevent the predictable human catastrophe. From the first life on earth, learning has proceeded by trial and error. When Einstein understood his E=mc2 formula could unleash the energy of the sun he realized that WUD that offer no second chance are incompatible with trial and error thinking. He told us his most brilliant insight: We will drift to human catastrophe unless we do one thing: We shall require a newer way of thinking(ANWOT) . Multiple tribes proliferate WUD; none have heeded his solution. Some already say it is their religious and moral right to use them. Leaders say prevention is making more nukes; others say this is insane. What do you think? Here is wonderful news. We now have the knowledge, wisdom, and technology to rapidly teach Einstein's solution. Seven WordSwitches offers the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable and effective way to teach ANWOT and the Golden Rule. 7 easy word substitutions create a newer way of thinking that leads to cooperation for mutual benefits instead of harmful confrontation to attain dominance. Two still secret love creation skills teach the modern version of the Golden Rule: Love myself with the abundance that overflows to enrich the world. The genie seminar introduces a newer process of lifelong adult education in the proven universal wisdoms that are offered in a setting of fun, comradery, and emotional support. Recordings of genie seminars are available with simple instructions for individuals who want to pioneer and participate in this newer learning process. Thirty days of regular practice is all it take to set ANWOT in motion. Imagine a world where people love themselves with the abundance to unconditionally love others and we direct our hate injustice, prejudice, disease, greed, and war; where each day begins with happiness and chronic enthusiasm; where blaming and guilt energy is directed to solving puzzles; and where children are educated with love instead of fear. We can make today'swishes tomorrow's reality if we want it enough. Let's learn to welcome love from others instead of remaining dependent on it. Become a mental-spiritual wealth millionaire who enjoys a wonderful life even when the world is unfair. Start with "I think I can; I will " The 7plus2 Formula exceeds all criteria to proceed to succeed. It is verified by common sense; easily understood with limited effort; evergreen and universally welcomed; made rapidly viral by the Internet and mass media; provides measurable results; is fun; and is forever FREE to everyone, everywhere, anytime so no one need be excluded. Please inform the EC if you know of any other program that meets these requirements. Our survival is within our collective willpower. Will you become part of the solution as a teacher of unconditional global love and forgiveness? When you assume responsibility for your own destiny, you will be eligible to join Einstein's peace army to make a wonderful world our gift to loved ones and humanity. The EC program is endorsed by world class thought leaders such as JackCanfield and Brian Tracy among others.]
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ISBN: 9780981933139
ISBN-10: 0981933130
Publisher: Educational Community, Inc.
Publication Date: October 14th, 2017
Pages: 138
Language: English