Mexico: The Trick Is Living Here - A Guide to Live, Work, and Retire in Mexico (Paperback)

Mexico: The Trick Is Living Here - A Guide to Live, Work, and Retire in Mexico Cover Image
By Julia C. Taylor, Douglas Gray (Contribution by)
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Mexico: The Trick is Living Here is a humorous guide on how to live or retire in Mexico, useful for any extended stay in Mexico. The completely updated 3rd edition includes sections on climate and staying comfortable, transportation including riding buses and driving, eating, drinking, grocery shopping, staying healthy and health care, finding doctors, working and making a living in Mexico, getting a residence visa (as per the new regulations which came into effect November 2012), bringing a car, pets, and/or household items, residency issues unique to Canadians, banking, receiving U.S. social security benefits, and international communication. Housing and cost of living are dealt with in a completely unique way that helps the reader to visualize what their lifestyle might be like once they are in Mexico. This section shows Mexico as it is so that the reader can decide for him/herself if Mexico might be a comfortable place for them to live. Key cultural information lets the reader have an insider's view of how it feels to live in Mexico and provides important tips on how to get along and understand people. This is information that takes most people years of experience to discover by trial and error and is one of the best and most unique aspects of Mexico: The Trick is Living Here. A chatty style with funny anecdotes helps the reader to relate to the descriptions and feel comfortable living or traveling in Mexico the way Mexicans do, all the while making the reader laugh about the challenges. The book is full of pointers for the reader's successful transition to Mexico.
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ISBN: 9780979733215
ISBN-10: 0979733219
Publication Date: May 8th, 2014
Pages: 382
Language: English