The Sales Team You Deserve: Why CEOs Tolerate Mediocrity and What YOU Can Do About It (Paperback)

The Sales Team You Deserve: Why CEOs Tolerate Mediocrity and What YOU Can Do About It By Mike Carroll Cover Image
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Why are so many business owners and CEOs frustrated with sales even when they're happy with other parts of their business? For some CEOs, sales is a blind spot-they don't know what they don't know, and one thing they don't know is why they have a problem. And one of the things they really don't know is what a good sales team looks like.

Mike Carroll knows-he has looked at the data, and he has coached hundreds of companies to transform their sales teams to attain higher margins, shorter sales cycles, more accurate forecasting, stronger sales managers, and better hiring and onboarding processes. If you've invested thousands of dollars and many hours of sales training in the past and later find yourself wondering why it didn't work, he can tell you the answer: you didn't address the core mindset issues that hold salespeople back.

In The Sales Team You Deserve, Mike helps you understand the obstacles that are getting in the way of your sales team and how to implement systems and processes to overcome them. Addressing both mindsets and skillsets is absolutely critical to realizing long-lasting, effective change in your sales team. If you have been accepting a subpar sales team, what is it costing you in terms of lost revenue? Read this book if you want to follow the science and leverage proven systems that will help you get the high-performing, high-caliber sales team you truly deserve.

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ISBN: 9780578384320
ISBN-10: 0578384329
Publisher: Intelligent Conversations
Publication Date: March 29th, 2022
Pages: 202
Language: English