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If you met John Knox on the street you’d probably like him. He seems likeable. He’s big, handsome, at ease with himself. Grace Chu wouldn’t allow such an easy assessment.
Knox and Chu are the focus of Ridley Pearson’s The Red Room which is a continuation in the story of John Knox and Grace Chu who both work for Rutherford Risk a company that gets things done of a dicey nature. Their boss, David Dulwich acts a little cagey on the latest assignment, and puts both Knox and Chu on guard. They are both taken into the Red Room which is supposedly a safe room where details about assignments and such can be discussed without fear of discovery. Neither Knox or Chu have been in this room before – why now?
Knox’s expertise is art and Dulwich wants Knox to use a buyer Knox has used before, but this piece of art is completely out of the usual price range. And Dulwich insists that Knox is in close contact with the buyer for at least five minutes. Why? Chu is on the assignment for her expertise in computers and finance. She can do amazing antics with a computer and dig about someone’s finances in record time.
So, what is the real mission this time and why does it all feel wrong most of the time and right only a fraction of what it should?
I’m late to the Pearson party – this is the first book of his I’ve read, but not the last. Pearson’s writing is crisp; his dialog sharp and snappy. His characterizations are vivid and real.
Sit back. Put your feet up. Turn off the phone. Forget about chores and errands. Crack open this gem of a suspense novel and buckle up. Prepare for the read of your life. Better tie down your hair  – just in case.

— From Wendy's Easy Chair 3


This installment is all about impossible escapes and elusive spycraft .Another hit in this knockout thriller series featuring nonstop danger, casually clever descriptions of exotic locales, evolving characterization, and evenhanded sociopolitical commentary. Recommended for every beach bag. Booklist
In the newest international thrill ride fromNew York Times-bestselling author Ridley Pearson, John Knox and Grace Chu, the incomparable and often incompatible duo, team up again, this time in the exotic city between two worlds, Istanbul.
What's it like to see yourself in a picture you never knew was taken?
John Knox is an expert at surveillance and delicate, international dealings. So he is understandably thrown when David Sarge Dulwich, his contact at Rutherford Risk, hands him a photo of a transaction he recently facilitated in the Middle East. More curious to him, he's shown that photo while in the Red Room, the private security company's highly secure underground bunker, where eavesdropping is impossible and privacy ensured. Why all the cloak-and-dagger?
Knox is pressured into accepting a job as an art broker in the mysterious Istanbul, a city situated on two continents where East meets West and Islam meets Christianity. It is a melting pot of spies, terrorists, and conflicting interests.
Teamed with smart, quick, and fearless Grace Chu, Knox must navigate a murky operation, the only goal of which is to spend five minutes in the proximity of a man they ve never met. Why? What can it possibly matter? And why are so many others bound and determined to see it never happens at any cost?

About the Author

Ridley Pearsonis theNew York Times-bestselling author of more than two dozen novels, includingThe Risk AgentandChoke Point, featuring John Knox and Grace Chu; the Walt Fleming novels; the Lou Boldt crime series; and many books for young readers. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Saint Louis, Missouri, and Hailey, Idaho."

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"John Knox and Grace Chu (The Risk Agent) return in another high-stakes international thriller set this time in Amsterdam…. Pearson has written another compelling thriller. Knox and Chu are protagonists who engage the reader…. A winner.”— Library Journal

"[Chu and Knox] make a good team, with his brawn and her brains, as they fight and kill their way to the top of the child-abuse cabal. Plenty of action and some steamy sex help make the pages fly by."  —Publishers Weekly 

"It's obvious why Pearson has earned praise as thriller grand master; the pacing is flawlessly anxiety ridden, and the investigative elements are richly layered."—Booklist

“Readers who like crime novels that teem with violence and provide more than a touch of sex will give Choke Point high ratings. So will readers who enjoy prose with a sharp edge.”— St. Louis Today

“Rich with the atmosphere of Shanghai…and filled with breathtaking suspense. …Famous for his plotting and attention to details, Pearson is off to a great start with his compelling and multilayered new protagonists.”—Library Journal (starred) 

“A cunning thriller worthy of the promised series… Exotic locale. Credible heroics. Vicarious thrills. Fans will want more, and soon.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Pearson, who lived with his family in Shanghai for a year, has created an intense and realistic thriller. The atmosphere and culture of China draw readers into a new world.... With “The Risk Agent,” he has a great start to what appears to be a new series.”—Associated Press

"Forensic accountant Grace Chu is a cool, whip-smart beauty trained in the Chinese military. John Knox is a combat veteran with focus and ferocity in equal measure....Pearson renders steady suspense and a vibrant portrait of a city that blends history, mystery, and a remarkably resilient citizenry."—Booklist 

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ISBN: 9780399163746
ISBN-10: 0399163743
Publisher: Putnam Adult
Publication Date: June 17th, 2014
Pages: 399
Language: English
Series: Risk Agent Novels