Big Wave Surfing: Extreme Technology Development, Management & Investing by Kenneth J. Thurber

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Award Winning!

Big Wave Surfing
Extreme Technology Development, Management & Investing

by Kenneth J. Thurber Ph.D.

Beaver's Pond Press
375 pages, Hardcover

It’s About You!

Understanding how you can survive and profit in the disruptive highly volatile world of today is the overall theme of the Big Wave Surfing Book.

It’s about the economy!

What do you need to do to succeed in the current economic environment? What are your required skill sets and how do you use them to survive today?

It’s about your job!

As disruption pelts the economy you need new and more efficient skills to survive. Big Wave Surfing Book provides you insight into the latest highly efficient management, marketing and investing skills that you need to survive!

It’s your future!

Techniques that allow you to prosper are the ticket to your future success and the Big Wave Surfing Book is there to provide assistance to you!

Surf’s Up

Welcome to the Home of Technology Big Wave Surfing.

Technology is not a simple monolithic growth industry. Technology comes in the form of waves. Sometimes big waves form that create massive opportunities for new products and companies. Big Wave Surfing will show you how to SPOT THE WAVE and create opportunities.

Technology Big Wave Surfing is a field dedicated to managing, developing, marketing and investing in rapidly growing products and companies. It focuses on extreme practices to get a product developed or a company growing quickly.  The focus of the book is how you can be effective in the dynamic and disruptive technology environment of today.  Big Wave Surfing will teach you how to RIDE THE WAVE.

It is a must read for individuals that participate in or need to understand the business of high technology.

Kenneth Thurber is a well-known entrepreneur with extensive business experience in leading technology including computer networking.  Kenneth Thurber's debut book, Big Wave Surfing, discusses how to spot and capture breakthrough technologies.  Thurber's latest book, Do NOT Invent Buggy Whips, targets entrepreneurs who are interested in bringing new products to market. He warns that one should not invest in a product that is likely to soon become obsolete.


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